Anthon Berg Gold Box Edition Chocolate

6:00 AM

Christian brought different sorts of chocolates for me when he came to visit and the only one I have finished eating as of now is the Anthon Berg Gold Box Edition. There are 34 chocolate pieces in every layer and there are two layers in this box. Anthon Berg is one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in Denmark by the way. 

Every bite was a different experience. The pieces were not that sweet but very very tasty. I actually told Christian I'd give him a kiss for every chocolate he brings for me and this is probably the reason why he chose this box. Hehehe! 

The box contained the following: (from top to bottom layer)

1. Plum Dessert - plum in marzipan coated with dark chocolate. 
2. Passion Fruit Truffle - nut truffle filling with juicce from passion fruit and a twist of chili, coated with milk chocolate. 
3. Marzipan Nougat Dream - marzipan with hazelnut nougat coated with milk chocolate. 
4. Strawberry Truffle - white chocolate truffle with strawberry and lychee fruit juice coated with dark chocolate. 
5. Crunchy Hazelnut - milk chocolate with hazelnuts.
6. Cappuccino Truffle - white chocolate truffle with cappuccino cream.
7. Caramel with Amaretto - dark chocolate seashell-shaped filled with Amaretto caramel and vanilla cream.
8. Liqueur-Filled Bottle of Grand Marnier ----- spell Y-U-M-M-Y! 
9. Nut Truffle - milk chocolate with hazelnut truffle. 
10. Gianduia Nougat - nougat with milk chocolate.
11. Anthon Berg Nougat - fine milk chocolate filled with hazelnut nougat.
12. Cocoa Caramel - dark chocolate filled with creamy cocoa caramel. 
13. Marzipar Bar - wrapped in pink wrapper is a marzipan bar coated with dark chocolate. 
14. Caramel with Liquorice - caramel filling with liquorice coated with milk chocolate. 
15. Orange Marzipan - orange-flavored marzipan coated with white chocolate. 
16. Coconut Delight - coconut filling coated with milk chocolate and hazelnuts. 
17. Caramel with Sea Salt - caramel filling with Mediterranean sea salt coated with dark chocolate.

It was delicious to say the least!  I still have a few boxes to open and if I like them then I will blog about them. 

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