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We stayed at the Ascott Raffles Place in Singapore last month. We had an awesome time and we really enjoyed our stay. It was located in the heart of Singapore's business district and only a few steps away from the Raffles Place MRT Station (Exit I). The residence is very near Lau Pa Sat as well so we took several walks there for some quick food buys. We were lucky that we were allowed to check-in early but was a bit disappointed that they did not accept US dollars as security deposit. We had to pay using the local currency amounting to S$230. I was a bit miffed about it because we could have used the local currency for other purchases (especially so that we headed straight to the airport after checking out). But yeah, that's just a little hiccup of our stay there. Overall, I would still be recommending it to anyone who would travel to Singapore and I would still be staying there.


I just want to let you all know that they have the quickest check-in process. The receptionist offered us to sit and before my butt touched the chair, they already have our reservation records pulled up. We were then asked for our passports to confirm the booking. After about a minute we were already provided 2 keycards for the elevator and our room. We were then led to the room by one of the staff and he carried our 2 luggage for us. It wasn't that heavy so he didn't go huffing and puffing on us.


Anyway, let me do a quick room tour for you so you will see where we stayed. We were booked at the 19th floor. There were only 2 guest rooms in that floor as it was also where the pool, living room, garden deck and gym were. Our room was in itself very spacious and the bathroom was HUGE! I smiled when I saw the table behind the headboard. It was a convenient place for me to get some work done while Christian sleeps without the irritating glare of the computer screen bugging him.

I was at the door when I took this picture. This is what you will see when you open the door. Clean lines, tidy cabinet spaces. It was a small kitchen but very organized. I said small because the kitchen in Ascott Makati were a tad roomier. 

After the hallway, turning right, you will see the sink and cooking area on your left. This space then leads to the bedroom. I was expecting to see a dining table but there wasn't. 

And this ladies and gentlemen is the heavenly bed. It was as soft as the bed in Marriott IOI Putrajaya where I stayed last December. The pillows were super soft too. I was a little disappointed that the windows weren't as big but there other amenities that made up for it.

1. The bed | 2. The view of the mini-office and the headboard of the bed taken from the shower area | 3. I was at the mini-office desk when I took this shot of the LCD TV and the coffee table |4. The coffee table and the entertainment area

1. The keycard sleeve with the map of the CBD | 2. The hallway leading to our room and the other room at the 19th floor | 3. The toilet area with pretty tiles (the flower design looked elegant in person) | 4. The tub and shower area. I took this picture near the sink (which I was not able to take a picture of)

By the way, these were provided inside the room but I failed to take a picture too: 2 toothbrush, 2 mini-toothpaste tubes (Colgate), L'Occitane shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion, sewing kit, plastic shower cap, cotton buds, shaving cream and shaver and 2 pairs of soft and comfy white slippers. 

1. Our welcome fruit basket | 2. The free coffee pods (ready for the coffee maker), milk, and tea | 3. Chocolates at the living room (70% dark chocolate) | 4. Some candies in containers and a tall vase with colored pebbles

1. Christian lounging in the living room while I was busy taking pictures | 2. I got him to pretend he was on a phone call (Thank you Baby for being so cooperative) | 3. Christian lounging in the outdoor garden deck while looking at the bay area | 4. The living room where you can have unlimited coffee and chocolates :-) Best part!!!

The best part of the hotel (at least for me and my friend Eddene who came to visit on the first and second night).  The pool had the view of the bay, the CBD, the grandstand, the Raffles Place MRT station among others.  You can also see the Marina Bay Sands Hotel from there. 

The pool at night...

The garden deck at the 19th and 21st floor (where the jacuzzi was)

Christian liked our residence while in Singapore as much as I did. I wish I could have taken more pictures but that's it for now. I will take more pictures to share to you when I get a chance to go back. And oh the check-out process was a breeze too. They just took our keycards and handed us back the security deposit and off we went to the airport. We didn't feel the need to hire a hotel car as the MRT station was just a hop and a skip away.

Have you stayed in this residence or any Ascott/Citadines/Somerset residence in the world? Please do share your experience. I would love to read them too...

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