GOSH Lambada

9:07 AM

Oh wait, before you throw interesting stares at my direction, I am not talking about the 80's hit song "Lambada" from Para, Brazil (lambada meaning "strong slap" or "hit" in Portuguese; cf. French and later English lambaste).

I am actually talking about GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Lambada. Being someone who loves the color "red" I loved the color. The shade is bright bold red with I think yellow undertone if I'm not mistaken (definitely not blue).

I got scared though because I am not really used at wearing pronounced red lipsticks (read: It wasn't a subtle red at all). It was vampy, kind of with the Burlesque-feel to say the least. And yes, it was given to me by my boyfriend. Does this mean he wants to see me wear it? Hahaha! Since he gave it to me while he was packing his luggage to go back home to Denmark, I didn't even have the chance to wear it so he can see how it would look on me. I didn't want to wear it to go to the airport too.

Anyway, I have experimented mixing it with some of lipsticks and I think I found the right mix. I would probably wear it as it is when he comes back in July in an evening affair like a fancy dinner or something (fancy for us can be me cooking food and him setting up the mood of the table or a drive to a nice restaurant over gourmet food). I also find that wearing it with a liner is the best way to go to prevent color bleeding.

What do you think? Any tips on how you will wear this shade. It's a challenge (at least for me)...

PHOTO COURTESY: The Sunday Girl (I can't seem to get a decent picture using my own camera because of the poor lighting in my apartment so I grabbed The Sunday Girl's photos and made a collage from it) Super thanks...

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