Walking The Streets Of Singapore

12:01 AM

Singapore will always be one of my favorite place to visit. Here are some more of the pictures I took when I was there last month with my Danish boyfriend, Christian. Yes, we both love to travel!

Getting lost in Chinatown. We went there without a plan and just walked the streets and checked anything interesting. 

You can buy an assortment of food, trinkets, clothes and the whole slew of finds in this side of Singapore.  There is also an Indian worship place in the vicinity. 

We discovered temples and museums that weren't in our itinerary. Ah, the wonders of getting lost!  

We ate in an authentic Chinese restaurant. I really wanted to try the world-famous crab dish but since Christian isn't a fan of anything spicy we opted to order for some greens and dimsum/dumplings. 

What's your favorite place in Singapore? Have you walked around and found interesting places and streets you never thought you'll see? Please share so we can explore them when we go back. 

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