I'm Officially A Registered Voter

3:00 PM

It's a long story why I just made efforts to be a registered voter this year. It involved me being a few months younger than the required SK age when I was 15. Anyway, early this year, I prepared my requirements and went to the 2nd Floor of the Makati Central Fire Station to finally take the first step in my right to suffrage. The registration started May 3 last year and will last until October 31 this year. I am so lucky that there were only a few people who were there to be registered as well so the process went smoothly.

If you are a resident of Makati and wants to vote as well this coming 2013 elections, you have to go personally to the Commission on Elections office during office hours, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, (Mondays - Saturdays including holidays). You will be deemed qualified if you are: at least 18 years old; 1 year residence in the Philippines; and at least 6 months residence in the place where you propose to vote. You will be immediately disqualified if: you have been sentenced by final judgment to suffer imprisonment of not less than 1 year; adjudged by final judgment of a competent court and considered to be an insane or incompetent person as declared by competent authority. Bring any of the following identification cards (both original and photocopy). If you hold residence in another city/municipality of the Philippines, click this link for the COMELEC office in your area. If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker, click this link.

Tip: Bring your own pen because you will be filling out 3 application forms. After filling out the documents, your biometrics will then be captured. An Acknowledgment Receipt will be given to you afterwards that has the date of the hearing if in case anyone opposes your application (if you are not a legit resident of the community and the like).

April 9 was the last day for anyone to oppose my application and so far no one has lodged a complaint, therefore I can say that I am now officially a REGISTERED VOTER!

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