Today Is Not My Lucky Day

7:05 PM

I got up early today to cook breakfast. I did not cook the usual breakfast (toast, pancakes, bacon and eggs, that stuff) instead I decided to cook pork sinigang. While chopping the ingredients, I almost chopped my left thumb. Good thing I still have working reflexes so I was able to save my sorry thumb. 

After breakfast, Uncle Don and I decided to go to Rustan's Makati to buy some stuff from Clinique and check if they have the strapless slip from Spanx already. We then went to Carolina's to buy some ribbons and lace for the garter I am making for my wedding. We then decided to have coffee in Starbucks (Glorietta 5). We read the Sunday paper while having coffee and then decided to go home before 12 noon. We hailed a cab outside the coffee shop and a car and the cab almost collided. I did not notice who was at fault but the driver of the private car got off his car and assaulted the cab driver. I was scared! It was the first time I witnessed such altercation. We got off the cab and decided to get a new cab to escape the argument. We got home safe and unharmed and turned on the TV. I transferred my wedding gown to a new box, a sturdier one and decided that I should take a picture and send to my mom. When I opened my bag I realized that I lost my red Kipling pouch with my BlackBerry phone inside. I knew for sure that I left it inside Starbucks because that's where I last used my phone. I called the branch and I was told that they did not find anything on the seat I occupied. They also informed me that a girl used the couch after we left and then she hurriedly left as well without finishing her waffle. I had a feeling that girl took my phone away. 

I sent a text message and asked my sister, my mom and my uncle to send a BBM message to my lost phone and the messages were all delivered. We also tried to call and the phone was still ringing. I begged for the person to return even just the SIM card so I can have my contacts back. It was so unfortunate that the number of the lost phone was the number printed in our wedding invitations. I waited for about 4 hours until I finally decided to have the phone and the SIM card blocked by my network carrier. Tomorrow, I will regain access to my old number. For now, I am still dealing with separation anxiety. I know it's just something material and I would find a way to replace it. But still... 

Lesson Learned: Check belongings before leaving an establishment (especially an establishment like Starbucks Glorietta 5 that has no CCTV).   

For now, I shall camp inside my room while I grieve my loss and stay away from any other danger and unfortunate event that September 23 will bring. 

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