It's Been A Month

12:01 AM

Last month Christian and I tied the knot and here's the onsite video captured by Studio 4 Productions that was shown on our wedding reception:


It was a little coincidental that the storyline of our video was our shoes. While the videographers were shooting a sequence in the hotel elevator, my pink shoes magically disappeared. I was not informed at first because they didn't want me to worry. After an hour of going through the hotel's CCTV footage, they finally told me. Surprisingly, I did not turn into a bridezilla. I just asked them to go over the footage again. And lo and behold, they found the part where the elevator opened and one of the hotel guests took it and hid it in her room. When the security went to retrieve my shoes, the girl just said that she would return it if anyone looks for it. It wasn't hers in the first place so she should have reported that she found a pair of shoes that's not hers. Duh! 

Our videographer, Ramil, jumped for joy when they finally had possession of the shoes again. I was relieved for the most part. I was actually more worried that the rain was still pouring hard outside and that the street was already flooded. 

A million thanks goes out to our suppliers who made our wedding more memorable. Christian and I appreciate all the effort and handwork you have exerted to make everything a success. Special thanks to our wedding coordinators Maureen and Nur who practically acted as my shock-absorbers during our preps. Thank you as well to Rolly Jagonob who sourced all the beautiful flowers as well as to Bobong Otanes who did my make-up. I could not thank our photographers led by Sir Omar Gallinero and our videographers led by Ramil Blahc Chio of Studio 4 Productions enough. Everyone has been awesome. We could not have made it beautiful without all of you. 

I will talk more about our wedding in my wedding blog

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