Officially Mrs. Egegaard Nielsen

5:51 PM

A lot has changed in my life the past couple of weeks. As most of you already know, I got married to the love of my life, Christian. We have been preparing for our wedding since March of this year. It was only a little over 6 months of preparation but it was not difficult at all on my part because I have a hoard of wedding magazines at home and I am not new to wedding preps and all because I also maintain a wedding blog

So yes, I am now officially Mrs. Christian Egegaard Nielsen. We got married on the 24th of October in General Santos City and a few of our closest family and friends witnessed our exchange of vows. I am all too grateful for our suppliers who has helped us to have a perfect wedding. I will find time to write about them in another blog post.

We didn't have a grandiose event so to speak but it was full of love and laughter. I thought I was going to cry when I said my vows but I did not. I was close to shedding a tear but then again I injected a few witty lines so  just had to smile. My sister told me that if I cried she could have cried as well. I thank my husband for overcoming his shyness. He is not the type who likes big crowds but he tried his best to say his vows as well.

Looking back, we are just so thankful that we are married now despite the little bumps that happened on our wedding day. It rained so hard because of Tropical Storm Ofel that flooded parts of General Santos City and other neighboring towns. My shoes were stolen while a sequence for our SDE was shot inside the elevator. Thank  heavens for CCTV as we found who took my shoes and we were able to retrieve them before the ceremony. Some of our guests who had to travel from Manila were not able to land because the city was practically zero visibility and planes could not land. Our wedding ceremony that was supposed to be outdoors became indoors. Still, we were wed and now officially husband and wife. 

We are in a long distance relationship again after we got married. Christian is now back in Europe while he prepare to sail. I will be staying here in the Philippines because of my work. It is starting to hit home and all we could say to each other every time we talk is how much we miss each other but we both know that days will roll to months and we will be together again. 

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