TR Wined And Dined Me

10:16 AM

We had an activity at work which was aptly called "Appreciating You Day". We were given mini-buttons with phrases like "You are a rockstar.", "You rock!", and some other witty catch-phrases which we were supposed to give to people that we appreciate the most in the office. We were also encouraged to document the "thank you's' in our internal tool where we were asked to write sincere word of thanks to any of our co-workers. I decided to write something for some of my coworkers. 

 Last week, the 10 writers of the best thank you messages as well as the 5 most appreciated employees were informed that they will be wined and dined at CAV Cafe and Restaurant and they can bring a family member or a friend with them. I did not expect that what I wrote will be chosen so I was extremely happy when I heard of the news. I decided to bring my sister with me to the event. 

My sister is not a wine drinker and so am I but I was more curious than her. I managed to use up all the credits of the wine tasting cards we each had (Php1400). I am still at a loss for words trying to remember all the names of the wines that I tasted. The food served were delicious especially the Pasta with Cheese and Pancetta. And yes, I also forgot the names of all the food we ate. I guess I was too sleepy that time and a little buzzed by the wines as well. I will go back to CAV one of these days so I can make a proper review of the restaurant. 

Thank you Thomson Reuters! 

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