Christmas Shopping Guide: Freeway, Ensembles, Solo

4:00 PM

If you have missed the sale which I wrote about here last September, fret not as you are getting a second chance to snag the coveted dress from Freeway, or a dainty top from Ensembles and a quirky tee from Solo. Items will be marked down starting at 30% up to 50% off. 

To get first dibs on exclusive sale and treats, get the all access card (can be used on all 3 stores). If you use the card on your birthday, you get an automatic 20% of your bill and of course it is also a point-generating VIP card. Read more here

So, if you are not finished with your Christmas shopping yet, fill out an application for the access card and shop til you drop at any Freeway, Ensembles or Solo stores. Only selected regular items will be on sale so make sure you make a beeline to your favorite store as soon as the mall opens on December 17. 

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