Our Lovely Stay In Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

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This is a very late post but I wanted to relive a couple of absolutely happy days so I am writing this and sharing to you. Better late than never so they say... 

A couple of days after our wedding in General Santos City, my husband surprised me with a trip to Tagaytay. I knew he was cooking up something because we did not really planned yet for our "honeymoon" in the interest of time (he was scheduled to go back to Denmark a week after our wedding and I had to go back to work a little less than a week to ensure that everything is up and running despite the Sandy hurricane in the US where most of our peers are based). We were looking at spending our honeymoon outside the country but decided to postpone it and just stay somewhere near. 

My husband chose to book a couple of nights in Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay because he liked the reviews and the pictures he saw online. He booked through Agoda and it was a very comfortable stay for us. Our little getaway afforded us a time to be together to enjoy our first couple of days as husband and wife and also gave us time to rest and relax after the stress of wedding preps and the wedding day itself. To amp the ante, I challenged my husband and I to just commute to Tagaytay. Hahaha! It was fun and scary at the same time but at least now we can both say that public commute is safe for locals and foreigners alike. 

We arrived in the hotel around 3PM  because we still had to attend Sunday service at 10AM at Victory Fort. After the service we just picked up our bags in my apartment and went to the bus terminal in the MRT Taft station. We settled in our seats but my heart was beating so fast trying to process if we will arrive in Tagaytay safe and unscathed. Sure we did! When we arrived at the hotel, we were ushered by a guard who was dressed like a Spanish soldier to the reception area. I am not sure if they dress like that all the time but I guess they were at that time because of Halloween. The reception table had a severed hand (fake of course) and the clay flower pot next to the table had a scary with and some teeny weeny pumpkins. While we were being checked-in, they offered us a welcome drink. I am not sure what is was but it tasted like tropical fruit. As soon as the paperworks were done, the hotel staff helped us with our luggage to go to our room - a Japanese-themed room complete with a raised area for the bed with tatami mat on the floor, soji doors, and a bathroom with stones. We rested for a bit and surveyed the garden adjacent to our room and then showered before we went down for the wine and cheese tasting. We then went out of the hotel after the wine and cheese feast and had some steak at a nearby boutique hotel. 

This sitting area is outside our door and the patio leads to the whirlpool overlooking the Taal Lake. 
Our awesome view... 
We woke up a little late in the morning but we were still able to catch the breakfast schedule. I did not have time to take a picture of the breakfast spread and what we ate but it was delicious and still served at Restaurant Verbena. 

We stayed in our room the whole day just watching TV shows and movies and randomly checking the internet for emails and checking online stocks. LOL! We need to learn to be disconnected to the wired world sometimes (especially me). 

While Christian was having lunch (after he dipped in the whirlpool), I was busy answering well-wishes in Facebook. 
This is what we had for lunch. 
This is what we had for dinner on our second night at Discovery Country Suites. 
I would like to share as well that the hotel treats guests to hot milk and cookie before going to bed. And here's how our quirky cookie look like: 

We woke up to a wonderful morning and a plateful of goodness. Oh food in the hotel is really sumptuous. 

We had such a wonderful time and we are planning to go back when Christian arrives from Denmark again. Have you been to Discovery County Suites in Tagaytay? If you are interested to go, book December 17, 18 and 19 to enjoy a special overnight rate of Php6000 nett or Php10,000 nett for 2 consecutive nights. That's almost 50% less than what we paid when we were there but for sure service will not be 50% less. Package includes wine and cheese cocktails at sun down, special turn down amenities and a hearty set breakfast at Restaurant Verbena. This is such a treat! I wish Christian is here so we can go and spend time together again...For now, I can only wish. 

300 Calamba Road, San Jose
Tagaytay City
Manila Office: +632-5298172
Email: dcsrsvn@discovery.com.ph / mella@discovery.com.ph

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