PhotoBlog: Thomson Reuters Manila Yuletide Fashion Ball

1:38 PM

On the first day of December, at least two thousand of Thomson Reuters Manila employees sashayed and strutted and posed at the Year-End Yuletide Fashion Ball which was also the company's Christmas Party. The event was hosted by a bevy of TR employees as well as Joey Mead-King and Rovilson Fernandez. 

Everyone who attended really made an effort to dress up. It was nice seeing people express themselves with their chosen outfit. The usual drab stage was transformed into a runway. Production numbers and department fashion shows were staged. It was surely a night to remember. 

Here are some of the pictures captured by Norvyn Villanueva:

Grace, Mitch, Fretzie, Fatima, Ces, Julie, Donna, Kessa

And here are some pictures I manage to take using my camera:

It was surely a fun-filled night. It's also a bittersweet moment as it will be my first and last Christmas Party in the company. And oh not because I am resigning but because of some company direction that I could not divulge yet.

Some more pictures (if you own these pictures please let me know so I can properly credit you):

It was indeed a fun-filled night.

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