Blogging Rough Patch

7:30 AM

I reviewed my blog stats for the previous year and I noticed that I posted lesser than 2011 but had more saved drafts waiting to be published. It would be fun if the draft posts are just waiting to be published. In my case however, I need to finish the posts. So forget it! I will just leave the posts as is and move forward and try to find and catch my rhythm back. 

"I will blog more this year!" - one of my New Year's resolution. Yes, I will stay on top of my blog more. 

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If you are like me who feel guilty for not religiously and diligently updating, then I guess it's time to strategize. I still have not made up my mind on how I will do this plan but I will do my best so I won't struggle to keep up with how often I publish new blog posts. 

Here's to igniting the spark and resurrecting my blogging mojo!!!

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