Fancy A Magnum

12:12 AM

I can still remember the only reason why my husband and I had a lover's quarrel.  It was pretty petty I daresay. It was over a bar of Magnum Ice Cream. After touring the Batu Caves and exploring the city of Kuala Lumpur while in a Hop On, Hop Off tourist bus, we dropped by the 7-Eleven store in Berjaya Times Square (near Imbi Monorail Station). I saw that they were selling a variant of Magnum that is not yet available in the Philippines. I bought two bars, one for me and one for my then fiance. While walking towards our hotel, my low EQ kicked in and I wanted to gobble on the chocolate-coated ice cream. He didn't want to eat and told me that he will eat when we get to our room. I felt like he just killed my joy and excitement so I walked out. To cut the long story short, I was not able to eat my bar because of pride until it can't be eaten anymore as the ice cream melted. To this date, it is the only fight we ever had, silent treatment and all. We did manage to kiss and make-up before going to bed though. The next day, ever the sweet boyfriend (then) that he is, he bought me a box of Magnum Mini. Ain't I lucky? 

What is there not to love? The old flavors were a hit for me. So I am all the more excited for the new Magnum ice cream flavor. 

The New Magnum Chocolate Brownie is a smooth, creamy brownie flavored ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate with chunky cashew nut pieces. The Chocolate and Strawberry on the other hand, has delicious strawberry sauce rippled through creamy vanilla ice cream and coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate.

Oh, I am just so excited to get a taste of these two new flavors. Not now though as I am still trying to lose some pounds. Maybe on my cheat day... If you are not on any form of diet, please feel free to indulge and head to your nearest convenience store or grocery store.

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