Gear Up For Summer with Freeway’s Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection

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I am really astounded that time flies by like it's on autoforward mode. I can still remember how frantic I was over the holidays shopping for presents and preparing food when my folks came over to visit and then I still had to pick them up at the airport. I can also still vividly remember when my husband put the ring on my finger in October and that we have been apart for almost four months already. I must admit the waiting part is the hardest but knowing that time passes swiftly gets me all geared up for his homecoming. 

Summer is beckoning! Summer conjures up happy thoughts for me, how about you? Time for sea, sand, sun, surf, swimwear and of course sunburn (or tan lines). 

Time to bring out your sunnies and book those beach trips once again (if you haven't done so already). With the anticipation of everyone’s favorite season also comes the summer ritual every woman looks forward to: swimsuit shopping! Freeway gears up for this with the release of its Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection

This year, it’s all about defining a woman’s shape and silhouette as Freeway brings out lines, curves and cut outs as key highlights in their collection. The aim is to emphasize and bring out a sexier and more confident you. It is what summer is all about, after all. As for colors, Freeway’s summer collection boasts bold colors such as red, orange, purple and teal, matching the vibrant and colorful feel of summer. 

Freeway not only focuses on the design, they also pay attention on how it will enhance and outline the body with its sporty silhouettes. With its range of monokinis, bikinis and separates, you’ll be looking fab and sexy while leading an active summer lifestyle.

Color Block Piping Maillot (available in white, teal and black) Php1195

Color Block Piping Maillot (available in white, teal and black) Php1095

Cross-Over Peek-a-Boo Top and Adjustable Swimsuit Bottom (available in white, red and black) Php595

One-Piece Exposed Belly Button (available in white and black) Php1095

Bikini with Cutout and Piping Cut-out Bottom (available in red, gray and black) Php595/Php495

X-Front Sporty Top  Php595

One-Piece Exposed Belly Button (available in red and teal) Php1095

Apart from swimwear, Freeway also offers trendy summer pieces such as cover-ups, dresses, tops and bottoms, ideal for creating that fresh and fun vibe. Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach or having a bbq party with your friends, Freeway’s summer pieces is sure to make you an instant trend-setter. 

Make sure to catch the release of the Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection this March at Freeway stores nationwide! 

For more information visit: 
Freeway Website  to view the entire collection

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