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Today marks the 9th month that Christian and I have been married. I have learned a lot in our 9 blissful months (although not together physically since he works overseas). I can't help but wonder how fast time really flies. I can still vividly remember the time when we were just planning for our wedding (browsing through gorgeous dresses online via DressFirst, pouring through pages and pages of wedding blogs and articles, scouring a number of magazines, asking friends for recommendations and a barrage email and text messages to our wedding planner). You know that feeling of liking/loving something the first time you see it? I felt that when I saw the gown I wore on our wedding day.

I liked that Christian decided to buy his suit in Denmark and so I had less stuff to worry about.I only had my dress and the maid of honor's dress and the little girls dress to worry. We only had about six months to plan for everything and I only decided on the design of my gown almost 3 months before the wedding. I crammed! Haha! It was not a good idea and I would never advise it to anyone. I thought I had the dress in mind already because I have been dreaming of marrying my prince charming since I was a little girl. Countless of resources (online and offline proved me wrong). I did not buy online because of the sheer lack of time but if I had enough time for possible alterations and returns, I could have opted an online purchase. 

So yeah, it all started with all the planning and fast forward today, Christian and I are still both happily married. We talk to each almost every day through the phone, the Skype, and email exchanges. We have mastered timing each other's time online (we live in two different time zones). He is currently in the US right now. Working nights is one of the best things in our situation. I am glad that my shift follows the US timezone. I am up when he is up. Isn't that amazing? 

I live each day waiting for the moment when I see him at the airport again. October can't come any sooner... Cheers to a lifetime of togetherness my love! 

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