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Ford Philippines launched an engaging pre-launch campaign for the 2014 Ford Fiesta line touted as the #24HRFiesta Project. The campaign was designed to engage young and digitally connected Filipinos by matching their personalities and lifestyle as well as taste with the new Ford Fiesta. 

I took the quiz quite reluctantly because I know myself inside and out but still quite delighted that I found out that I am a Ford Charmer based on my answers. I then decided to join the contest for the new faces of the Ford Fiesta profiles and came up with a master plan to connect my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to spread the word and come out as the top dog for the profile I picked.

The eight Ford Fiesta Profiles include:  

The Fiesta Sosyalista (1am-4am): without a doubt, the life of the party.

The Fiesta Sunrise Soldier (4am-7am): the first to seize the day, whether it’s laps at dawn or a game of one-on-one before work.

The Fiesta Zen Dreamer (7am-10am): loves to unwind with a hot cup of coffee or sit down with a good book.

The Fiesta Escape Artist (10am-1pm): a nature freak who loves the journey as much as the destination.

The Fiesta Art-Holic (1pm-4pm): has good eyes and skills for color, line, form and other elements that can be used to be aesthetically pleasing.

The Fiesta Chic Addict (4pm-7pm): lives by one word, Fashion. One who discovers it, makes it and owns it.

The Fiesta Charmer (7pm-10pm): lives by the rule that the best things in life are better when shared with friends.

The Fiesta Tech Guru (10pm-1am): knows how to cleverly work and stay connected with every computer, tablet and smart phone.

I was so ecstatic when I learned that I was one of the five semi-finalists for the Fiesta Charmer profile. I did find it overwhelming at first but it all turned out to sheer excitement and glee.  
Representatives of Ford Philippines served as judges in choosing the ultimate winner based on overall scores on each participant’s online ‘social clout’, as well as the originality, creativity, and representation of their Fiesta Profile video and/or photos.
Here are my entries: 

Eight Winners for a 24-Hour Fiesta Experience
One person from each Fiesta Profile - or a total of eight winners – were announced last August 20 and I am over the moon to be proclaimed as the Ford Fiesta Charmer. Each of us winners, along with two of our friends, get to experience the class-leading new Ford Fiesta through a custom-made 24-hour itinerary based on our Fiesta Profile. 

Oh and yes, I was privileged to invite 7 more friends to join me for dinner in one of the metro's posh restaurants all courtesy of Ford Philippines. 

I will take you to my amazing prize itinerary in my next post so please come back and check... 

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