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I've blogged about the pre-launch campaign and project teaser and today I will be sharing with you the teaser and full version of the video for my profile - The Charmer. 

The Charmer - Lives by the rule that the best things in life are better when shared with friends.

I sure had lots of fun from the time we got the keys to the sedan. I'd talk more about the features of the car that I love in my next posts (although you will probably read more about that in my interview which will be published in the December issue of FHM Philippines).

I'm so happy that Jonah and Joy took days off from work to join me experience my itinerary. Actor and model Victor Basa also joined us for our culinary program in one of the top culinary schools in the Philippines.

Jonah, Joy and I chilling inside the car while waiting for the Master Chef
With actor and model and blogger Victor Basa 
We cooked Steamed Prawns in Gazpacho Sauce, Chicken Breast with Mushroom Cream Sauce with Chicken Jus and Mouthwatering Tiramisu

After the culinary program, I had dinner with 9 of my friends and colleagues in one of the posh restaurants at Resort's World Manila. The day was rather short but I made it a point to enjoy every little activity we had.

This is the Opus Red Room at the Opus Restaurant. This room is perfect for a group of 10. 

Gene, Rodney, Caroline, Eina, Jonah, Kessa, China, Tyke, Joy and Carl

I didn't want the day to end but as they say all good things don't last. I had a huge smile on my way home, though. Thank you to Ford Philippines for making all these happen! 

Location: Ford Makati, Forbes Park, McKinley Hill, Resort's World Manila
Agency: Brand On Demand
Multimedia Production: LFX Imaginarium 
Cars Used: 2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium Metropolitan Grey Sedan and Hatch Celestial Blue
Hair and Make Up: Jeorge Jocson

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