Ford Fiesta #24HRFIESTA Project Teaser

7:00 AM

So finally the teasers are out!!! 

The Charmer (that's me) with model/host/actor Victor Basa / Girlie The Sosyalista with her friends / Ash The Chic Addict while shopping til she dropped at Forever 21 / Jagger The Tech Guru and his friends enjoying doing some techy stuff.

Rica The Sunrise Soldier happily tinkering something with her friend / PJ The Zen Dreamer looking so excited to get the key to the 2014 Ford Fiesta he was going to drive / Jean The Escape Artist looking so ecstatic to traverse the bike trails with her friends / Jan Loue The Art-holic all smiles as he create his pottery masterpiece. 

Head on to Ford Fiesta Philippines Facebook Page if you want to see the final cut. I am reeling with joy and excitement now and I could not contain my happiness. Haha! This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and I am more than happy to be a part of the #24HRFiesta Project as the face of the Charmer profile. 

Read more about the prelaunch campaign here

I am really itching to share some behind the scenes pictures but I am not allowed yet so I think this is all that I could share for now:

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