About Me Page Revamped

9:30 AM

I contemplated on what I can do to improve my blog over the weekend. I scanned the published posts and I saw a lot of articles that made me ask myself why I even wrote such an embarrassment. There were some that were just plain silly, childish and too personal. I've reverted some of the posts to draft instead of deleting. I also cleaned up the labels so the posts will be more organized. I didn't realize how much of a work it is so I will take this slowly and get some work done daily. I know I will get there - eventually!

The blog header is a novice attempt to prettify it. I know I have a very good idea in mind but I failed in the execution part. Big time! I'll leave it as a work in progress and will probably take another stab at it when time permits. I also added links for my social media accounts. I want to include buttons but I guess that can wait. 

I also revamped my ABOUT ME page and I guess it is more interesting now compared to the old one full of gobbledygook. Here's the preview: 

I've also contacted a graphic designer to help me "overhaul" my blog and take it to the next level this 2014. I love how things are turning as of late - you know that feeling when you get things done? I am feeling that right now and I just want to push further. I guess you could say I caught my blogging mojo back and it's here to stay. 

Do you own a blog? What are your plans for your blog this year? Let me know if you have blogging tips to share.

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