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We spent  a good chunk of time of our second trip to Copenhagen in the Kastellet so I am going to share a post with you. Frankly I was not interested to visit this place as I have not seen it in any of the travel blog recommendations I have read before our trip to Denmark. All I was aiming to see in the area was the statue of The Little Mermaid

The Kastellet is commonly referred to as the Old Citadel. It was once a fort used to protect Copenhagen. The historical area was constructed in 1662 and was originally commissioned by Frederik III. Some 18th-century barracks and buildings as well as cannons and a windmill can still be found in this recreational area. Although the park now serves as a park and recreational area, some military functions are still ongoing. 

We took the train from the Hillerod S-train station and we got off at the Østerport Station. We walked from the station to The Kastellet. It was drizzling but we had our beanies on so it wasn't a problem for us. If you plan to go there you have to turn left as soon as you get out of the station then cross the pedestrian and follow the sign where it points to Den Lille Havfrue. You will then pass by a Swedish Church. The green fields of grassy ramparts and moat surround the old buildings in the area. That's when you know you are in the right area. 

Tourist Tip: The Kastellet is accessible by Bus plying the routes 1A, 15, 26, 20E and 865. If you visit The Kastellet, there is a daily changing of the guard ceremony at the Central Guard House at 12 high noon. There are also 2 small museums inside the fortress that are open to the public. 

The Kastellet reminded me of the Intramuros, famous walled city, in the Philippines. Like Intramuros, The Kastellet served as a fortress in the war era. 

Have you been here? I would love to know what you think of the place. 

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