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We have 3 more days left here in Denmark, our vacation is about to end and I am feeling a little bit sad that I have to leave the country I have grown to love for almost a month now. Time really is fast when you are having fun. 

This is my first ever trip outside Asia so I was really ecstatic when my vacation leave application was approved and all the more ecstatic when I got my Schengen visa. One of the activities that I really looked forward of doing while in Denmark is to explore nature, by foot, by car, by train, by whatever mode available. Haha! I was hell-bent to roam around believe it or not. Good thing I have a husband who was just too happy to indulge my wants. 

We frequented the Grib Forest (Gribskov) and explored the surroundings of the Gribsø lake too. We explored the hiking trails that were clearly marked by big stones etched with the trail name. The forest is owned and maintained by the government of Denmark so it was safe too to say the least. I don't think anybody can get lost inside the forest. The forest was dotted by beech, oak, birch, spruce and fir trees and some other trees that I could not recognize because they have shed their leaves in autumn. The forest is on a hilly terrain so it was a real challenge for me. I've never really been an outdoorsy-type of girl so it took a great deal of effort on my part to walk several miles. I was secretly expecting to see deers but I was not able to. I've read that the roe and fallow deers frequent the Gribskov forest. Pero wala akong nakita kahit isa. Sayang!

Posing for pictures served as quick rests while we hiked. Oh and yes, Danes say "hej" (hi in Danish) whenever they cross paths with other hikers, like us. I had the impression that Danes are really a happy bunch of people.

I forgot exactly where I took this picture but I know it was when we were on our way to another hiking trail where the local train (yellow) passes. The train station is located in the northwestern section of Gribskov. If I am not mistaken the train passes from Hillerod to its destination in Gilleleje, Helsinge and Tisvildeleje and vice versa. The whistling of the passing train jolts us into reality while we walked our chosen trail. It is easy to get entranced by the beauty of the surroundings. 

I really enjoyed hiking the hilly terrain of Gribskov. I would want to do it again when I come back. It will be a must in my itinerary for sure. It was a delightful experience that I would keep on talking about for months and maybe years. I wish there are hiking trails as beautiful as Gribskov in the Philippines too. One can only wish... 

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