Sweater Weather

12:00 AM

Oh I love sweater weather! I could not believe I just said that. I used to hate/loathe cold weather until I stayed in Denmark and Sweden for vacation for almost 1 month where temperatures ranged from -6C to 6C. I was lucky enough that temperatures didn't drop lower but really I enjoyed the chill and the chance to layer clothing. Layering is one good thing when it's cold. It's just so much fun mixing and matching clothes. Toasty and trendy! 

Before my flight back to warm Philippines, I have been reading in social media that temperature has dropped and it has been unusually chilly (not as cold as the countries with winter but still colder than we are used to). Cold for us here in the Philippines is 24C and below. Baguio City has been experiencing 8C weather so it's a bit colder up north. 

So yeah, it's time to whip out those long-sleeves, sweaters, coats, and the whole nine yards. Take a cue from Reiss (up to 70% off on knitwear) and Shopbop - click each of the sweater below for more details:

Photo Credit: BarefootBlonde

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