Husband and Wife Travel Bucket List

6:00 AM

My husband and I agree on so many things and on so many levels and that is something that we both enjoy and truly relish in our marriage. I am so blessed to have married someone who loves travelling - exploring the world, experiencing other cultures, tasting different cuisine, and getting lost in translation. We enjoy spontaneity and we laugh at unexpected travel mistakes. We get along pretty while travelling and I am more than thankful for that. 

Our plans include seasons, hotels and landmarks but never have we thought about things like - kiss on top of Eiffel Tower or road trip along the Italian coast. We just prefer to wing it with a little bit of preparation on the side. I guess we are both easy to please travelers and that makes our trips all the more fun and exciting. We always see eye to eye and we have never fought over who gets to pay the bill or which direction to go or what mode of transportation to take. 

I've written in one my blogs the countries where we see ourselves travelling in the near future. You see we can just be sitting on the couch and next thing we know, we are already booking our plane tickets. How I wish I have a passport that can travel the world without getting myself a visa so we can just hop on a flight right now. 

In the meantime, we are just contented making plans for our future travels... 

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