Let It Go, Let It Go

9:00 AM

I am going to be 30-something this year and I don't know if I am excited or not. Ha! I really feel that I am getting old because time just passes me by so fast. Today is the oldest I would ever be and the youngest that I will ever be again. It’s kind of scary, but it’s true and there's just so much uncertainty ahead. If there was ever a perfect day to start letting go of the needless drama and stress that’s been holding me back (if any), that day is today - to let it all go, one baggage at a time...

1 Let go of worrying about everyone else’s opinions about my life. -I write my own life story and no one else is allowed to hold the pen for me.

2 Let go of the belief that life is fair. – If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him. We live in a dog eat dog world and life will never be fair. You have to be able to learn how to go with the flow and do the right things always.

3 Let go of the emotions that often get the best of you. – I need to stay strong, I need to be strong even when it feels like things are falling apart, they’re not. Take control of your emotions before they take control of you. I am guilty of this for the most part but I have been really good at making sure that I keep myself in check all the time. I am so glad that I have good friends and coworkers that keep me grounded.

4 Let go of trying to change others. – For the most part, you can’t change people and you shouldn't try. I have tried to change or attempted to influence other people but I realized that I am not their keeper not even their mother. Either I accept who they are or just choose to live without them.

5 Let go of your temper. – Never do something permanently foolish just because you are temporarily upset. This is really applicable for me as sometimes I have a very uncontrollable temper. It easily shoots through the roof. I am so glad that over time, I have learned how to bite my tongue.

6 Let go of one-sided relationships. – If someone truly cares about you, they won’t make you feel like you need to constantly fight for their attention. I am just happy that I married someone who makes it a point to shower me with love and attention even if I don't ask for it. I am so thankful that he believes that "happy wife means happy life". Isn't he amazing? Now, if you are in a one-sided relationship, time to pack your bags and go, let go of that relationship - you deserve someone better. 

7 Let go of the things people say about you. – Try not to take things other people say about you too personally. What they think and say is a reflection of them, not you. This I should start believing. This could be my mantra for 2014. 

8 Let go of needing everyone to like you. – Everyone doesn’t need to like you. But remember, just because some people don’t seem to care for you, doesn’t mean you should forget about everyone else who does.
9 Let go of life’s little annoyances. – Don’t let dumb little things break your happiness. True wealth is the ability to experience and appreciate each moment for what it’s worth.Never ever be afraid to take risks. It's the salt of life. 

10 Let go of changing just to impress people. – Don’t ever change just to impress someone else. Change because it makes you a better person and leads you to a brighter future. Hmmm, does cutting my hair without my husband's approval lead me to a brighter future? Nah, just kidding. Seriously, you don't need the approval of anyone especially when it's about living your life. 

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