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Good evening and happy Sunday my dear readers! Here in the Philippines, it is almost Monday again (talk about a short short weekend). My husband is still waiting for his job order on what country to board his ship so basically we are both on a waiting game. The last time we checked, looks like he will be going to Italy or Spain to resume his offshore duties. Yes, we will be back to long distance relationship again and it never gets easy but we're getting by and I think I will never ever get used to this.

I played with watercolor using a stiff eyeshadow brush. I loved the colors and I think I will attend a watercolor crafternoon one of these days so I can come up with a legit art work. 

C U R R E N T L Y . . . 

READING Chicken Soup for the Soul - Devotional Stories for Wives (101 Daily Devotions to Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire You). I'm so happy I said "yes" when my husband asked me to marry him in 2012. It has been rosy since then, no big quarrels (not that I am looking forward to one), no life-changing arguments - just a whole lot of loving. We still feel like we're newlyweds for the most part. I can honestly we are both experiencing the "ups" of married life. I do believe that the "downs" are essential for us to grow but I am happy now that we're both just in cruising speed and happily embracing each other differences. 

WRITING little notes that I will be putting in a jar for my husband to read one each day that we are far apart. He will be leaving anytime this week and this is one thing that I could do to make him feel that he is loved no matter what part of the seven seas he may be. I also revived my shopping guide and fitness blog  as well as started a travel blog.  I guess I am on a roll this 2014. I am also looking at relaunching this blog sometime in March - new layout, new look and feel. So exciting! 

LISTENING to Beyonce's new album. I don't know how I feel about her new album but I still bought it on iTunes a couple of days after it came out. I miss the songs that I can hum and sing along with though. This album feels like she's the only one who can sing all this - well, except one or two of the songs. 

THINKING that I have not been 100% a good wife to my husband because of my work. See, I work nights and I am usually too sleepy when I get home. I have not been cooking regularly and there was even one time that I fell asleep on the couch right after I put the rack of ribs inside the oven. Shame! Good thing my husband was able to see it and he cooked it and prepared his meal too. Ahhh, I am just so lucky that I don't have a husband who would entrust everything to his wife. I am lucky, so so lucky! 

SMELLING like Gucci Envy Me. I sprayed quite a lot before we went to the townhouse and the grocery that until now I still smell the perfume. I better spray sparingly next time. 

WISHING that there are more hours than 24 on weekends. I just have too much on my plate. So little time, so much to do. I feel like I need a break again. 

HOPING for the traffic congestion to be finally resolved in my city. It's however just a dream at this point because our "smart" (sarcasm!) government officials decided to repair roads in adjoining cities all at the same time. 

WEARING dresses and skirts lately. I have also been wearing less make-up because I want my skin to clear-up and I have observed that I have not had any pimple for the past two weeks or so. I wish it would be cold again so I can wear some leggings and scarves to work again though.

LOVING every single day that I spend with my husband. I can only wish that he is home all the time but it's impossible because he has to work too. I am also loving the movie dates we have been doing regularly every Saturday. Yesterday we watched Monuments Men and we both liked it. 

WANTING to have a baby soon! The husband and I are trying to conceive but we have not been lucky so we are planning to see a doctor when he comes home again so we can get some help and make this process successful. I am not getting any younger and the biological clock is ticking so we have to put a little more effort. 

NEEDING to get my hair cut. I have not visited a hair salon since June so that's just four months shy of one year. My hair has grown a little too long already so I guess a much-needed haircut is long overdue and oh probably a new color too. 

FEELING loved! Absolutely! My husband is really generous with praise and kind words and all the nice gestures that I feel extremely loved. I would definitely miss having him around all the time. He will be gone for three to four months this time so the feeling of being along once again saddens me. Sigh! 

This is my first time to join this blog link-up for "The Sunday Currently" and I think I am going to join every Sunday. This is an exciting writing exercise... 

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