Coca-Cola Brings Spotify To The Philippines

8:00 AM

Well hello there music lovers! The music streaming giant Spotify is finally available in the Philippines, offering free, legal, on-demand access to over 25 million international and local tracks. How awesome is that? I am so ecstatic, I could do some backflips right about now. 

Spotify in partnership with Coca Cola Philippines offers music fans access to the streaming service using an exclusive invite, which can be obtained by sending an email with: 

Subject: Coca-Cola Spotify
Send to
you will then receive a reply from Coca-Cola with your free code 

After registering, your browser will automatically download the Spotify Installer. Once installation is complete, just sign in with your log-in credentials. Easy as a pea, simple and straightforward. As a preview, the company is initially offering early users a free 30-day trial of its premium service, which allows unlimited ad free listening on desktops.

Sweden-based company Spotify first became a hit in Europe back in 2008 and was introduced in the United States in 2011 and finally the Philippines will usher it in the country this year. Indeed, 2014 is the year for big things. Happy playlisting! 

NOTE: Spotify can only be used using a desktop. It is not available on mobile devices yet. 

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