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Happy Sunday everyone! 

Wow! It's the last Sunday of the month and that means the first quarter of the year is about to end. How fast time flies? Life just pass us by so quickly and no one can ever stop the hands of time. Days just roll in and sometimes we get lost in our frenzied lives. I do am guilty of this and sometimes I get lost in my life's pace. I remember a conversation I had with a cab driver not long time ago. He told me that when you start thinking that time is going fast then that means you are getting older. I thought for a second during that time and it made perfect sense. When we were younger, we could not wait for the next Christmas, for our next birthday or for when school opens again.

“Our life is made up of time. Our days are measured in hours, our pay measured by those hours, our knowledge is measured by years. And yet time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could.” - CECILIA AHERN

U R R E N T L Y . . . 

READING tips on how to have thicker hair using home remedies. When I had my haircut at the salon a couple of days ago, I was told that my hair is thinning. They recommended for me to try a salon-tested serum but it costs more than $100 for 10 mini-ampoules. I declined to try it because I wanted to try some at-home remedies first before trying a chemically-loaded serum. I've tried aloe vera before but it didn't work for me. Some interesting concoctions are: avocado with olive oil, mashed orange peel, apple cider vinegar as final rinse, potato juice, cayenne pepper with olive oil, and coconut oil.

WRITING an itinerary for a vacation that I am planning when hubby comes home. A girl can plan yeah? Oh and yes, do you want to know what was your first Twitter post ever? Here's mine. Ha! Don't ask me who that person is because I totally forgot who I was talking to that time. I have an idea who but clearly that person isn't part of my present. 

LISTENING to the neighbor's radio. Haha! It's a little loud so I'm taking advantage of the free music. Yes, I am saving on electricity right about now.  

THINKING about enrolling in a culinary school after the hubby mentioned in one of our conversations that maybe one day we move to another country like the US or US Virgin Islands (St. Croix). It's a little scary knowing that I have been working in the BPO industry for most of my employment years and I know it will not be easy to find such job in the countries he mentioned. I think having a skill such as in the culinary field will make the move a lot easier for me. I don't really know if I can find time to do all these while maintaining my regular job.

SMELLING the heavenly aroma of sesame oil and dark Italian roast coffee brewing. Ahhh such bliss! 

WISHING that I can stick to the 1,200 calorie per day diet next week. I signed up for the Healthy Eats Diet Meal Program where they deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks - daily meal will be equal to the calorie count you want to subscribe to per day. Wish me luck!

HOPING to maintain steady weight loss. I've lost quite a few pounds already and I feel that my motivation is still on cruise control - no stopping, no letting up. Fingers crossed! 

WEARING  my workout clothes. I just had my morning run - more like run and walk actually. Yes, yes, yes I will shower after I finish writing this blog entry. 

LOVING the feeling of contentment. Really, I could not ask for more. I just feel so blessed. I feel that feeling this way makes me appreciate life more and makes me look forward to a bright future. The shortest advice I got from an Instagram post last week - "Be better, not bitter." Touché!

WANTING to drop by the organic market again but no grocery shopping for me this week. A chef will be preparing my meals from Monday to Sunday so I am looking forward to that. 

NEEDING to stop and smell the roses. My life has been on a roll so I have to step on the brakes and just chill and relax. 

FEELING so loved by the husband even if we are far apart. We celebrated our 17th months of marriage last week and he posted this on my Facebook wall:

"Thank you sweetheart for the last 17 months of marriage. You have made my life very happy. I love you sooooooooo much and forever."

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