Meet My Baby Niece - Dorothy Elleana

5:00 AM

I went home to attend my baby niece's dedication (christening to Catholics) to our province last month. We were supposed to have the event on my sister's birthday but the venue was not available so we opted to pick a different date, earlier than the original schedule.

I had my little stint of being Eana's nanny while I was on vacation. She's growing so fast. She's just barely one month in the picture above and I am so enamored with her chubby cheeks and baby smell. I love how I can make her sleep while she's in my arms. I love how she can make adorable  facial expressions. I am so looking forward to meeting her again 3 months from now. My sister sends me Baby Eana's pictures almost every day so I get my daily fill of her cuteness.

She had what looked like baby acne when I was home and my sister used the cream that the baby's pedia recommended. I suggested for my sister to try adding virgin coconut oil to her bath water and the rashes slowly disappeared. Nature's miracle indeed. I had some dry spots on my skin when I traveled to Denmark and VCO help me restore my skin's moisture.

She loves to sleep and drink milk and poo and pee - that's basically her daily routine and of course just being adorable and lovable among others. It's just too exciting to have our first baby in the family. I cannot wait to have my own bundle of joy in the near future.

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