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I have so much spare time now that I have temporary halted my corporate life but I am not complaining in any way. I rarely go out of the house too and when I do it's just for appointments with my doctor, grocery shopping or completing what the baby will need when she finally comes out.

So yes today I decided to hop over Pinterest to look for crib/nursery inspirations. I was overwhelmed. There are so many options, there are a lot of designs and decors that I like. Pinterest can be "dangerous" sometimes. Hahaha! I am worried I might break the bank and I really need to exercise restraint when I start shopping for the big ticket items next month.

Hubby and I talked about not converting one of the rooms in our apartment to nursery anymore. This way, we would be closer to our baby and we could be at her beck and call since she will be staying in our room thus eliminating the need to buy a baby monitor and repainting a whole room and the whole nine yards. We've also decided to ditch the idea of buying a crib with a drop-side feature because it is very dangerous. So now I am on the hunt for a crib that is convertible to a toddler bed.

If I had my way, I would want a crib set-up like this from

But if Christian would have his way, I am sure this is what he will prefer- gray with pink accents:

See how different our visions/pegs are? But true to my husband being so indulging of the things I like, he just has one request if I push through with the things I want, he wants a white crib (this is a little hard to give in to because I want gold or mint green or peach or lilac). I admit I still have not made up my mind yet and while writing this I am full of other ideas on how to pimp our little girl's corner. Confused mommy-to-be!

Here are the rest of the beautiful and dainty set-ups that I found:

I love the elegance of this set-up as this really suits our baby's first name... 

And of course this one too - perfect for her second name... 

This is a very clean and easy-on-the-eyes set-up without the girly frills... I guess this was designed to be a little boy's room... 

So many ideas out there - I guess I opened Pandora's box of inspirations. Now, I am up for the challenge - I say, bring it on! All for my lovely little princess VS.

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