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I did have a hand in planning my baby shower along with my sister, mother, cousin, and uncle. My husband was still out sailing and was onboard tanker ship Nord Hummock during the planning and the day itself so he was not able to join. He was able to join me pick up the items when I registered at SM Baby Company so he wasn't totally out of the loop.

We picked a colorful and floral theme for the simple get-together and I invited a few of my workmates from work. Since it was only a day after New Year's Day only a few were able to attend. Baby's edited 3D/4D video was also shown during the party.

I am truly grateful for all my friends who attended and brought gifts for the little one. I am also very touched by the wonderful messages that each one wrote on the "advice book" we made for Baby Summer. It was a day full of fun and games and we shared a light dinner with a few sweet treats.

Baby Viktoria Summer's first ever cake - she will always be the apple of our eyes!

We moved all the chairs and couches to the side of the living room so we will have more space for the games that Uncle Don prepared. I loved how everyone was so happy to participate and we all had a good laugh for sure. 

My mom and sister busy preparing the food before the invited guests started to arrive. 

NASDAQ Manila officemates - Gene and Mitch

PeopleSupport and Dell Manila officemates - Joy, Joyce, Majo and Jonah with my niece Eana

Let the fun and games begin... 

With my good friend Mina

I have more photos than these but most were candid and with poor lighting so I just shared a few from the event and yes obviously we were just having too much fun that we did not have a thousand pictures. I was also not able to take pictures of all the gifts so I opted not to share photos of any of the gifts. But yes, thank you, thank you, and a lot more thank you - we now have tons of cute outfits, crib,  toys and other newborn essentials.

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