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I just got home from attending an event which was the launch of Johnson's new campaign aimed to show that baby baths are "So Much More". How apt is it for me? Very! I am due to give birth to my little princess any day now and I was actually having contraction but were still few and far between and not yet painful while the event was ongoing.

For future parents like me, one of the activities that I really look forward to doing with my baby is bath time. During the event and after listening to the talks and watching demos, I realized that bath time isn't just about cleaning my baby - a bath should be "so much more" and can help stimulate a baby's senses. I also listened intently on how doctor's talked about the impact of parent's daily rituals with their newborns, particularly during bath and bedtime, on early child development.

The process of bathing a baby was simple enough to follow and I particularly loved the idea of swaddle bathing. The scent, lather and bubbles from a bath using Johnson's products enhances the bath experience for baby while my touch will help nurture her mind. How awe-inspiring could that be? For now, I would read up on this while I am waiting for my turn to push my little baby out.

Newborns aged 0-6 months use their senses to survive. Their senses allow them to feel safe, stable and secure. Johnson's advocates newborn rituals for sensory security. - Johnson's Event Press Kit

4-Step Newborn Bathing Ritual - calms the baby's senses to help him feel more safe and secure. 

Step 1: Massage baby with Johnson's Baby Oil to leave a warm protective barrier on her skin.

Step 2: Wrap baby in a swaddle to mimic the feeling of the baby while inside the mommy's womb. This will make her feel safe and secure as you lower her down in a tub of lukewarm water. Using Johnson's Top-to-Toe Wash, start cleaning baby's face first, and then slowly unwrap her to clean her body. This ensures that she isn't stripped of her skin's natural moisture.

Step 3: Rinse baby and pat dry. Lock in the moisture with Johnson's Baby Pink Lotion.

Step 4. Apply Johnson's Baby Powder on baby's body, including the nappy area, to protect her from irritation-causing wetness and keep her comfortable.

Quite easy enough eh? Thanks to Johnson's for sending me home with some products that I could try when I start my bathing ritual with Baby Summer. I also learned soothing nappy ritual  and the all-essential bedtime ritual. These make me more than excited to doing my mommy duties soon.

To all mommy's out there, what mommy and baby bonding rituals do you value the most? Do you spend enough time to massage your baby? Do you talk to your baby? Please do share with me by leaving a comment below and help calm my new-mommy nerves down... I know life will never be the same in the next few days for me and I couldn't be more excited!

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