It's Fontastic: 10 Oh So Pretty Scripts

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I stumbled upon Creative Market while looking for fonts to beautify my blog content and I couldn't hold back myself from not sharing this with you. It was definitely a eureka moment. I am so giddy! The fonts I am going to share with you are so pretty and some are even dreamy. I am literally lost in the beauty of these scripts.

NOTE: Scroll below for pure premium font goodness. Click on the font name so you can read more about it and then DOWNLOAD it catches your fancy. 

BUTTERSCOTCH - a beautifully organic, hand-lettered script, carefully crafted and then digitized into an easy to use, elegant yet "inky" typeface.

ISABELLA SCRIPT - a handwritten copperplate calligraphy font, combines from copperplate to contemporary typeface with a dancing baseline, classic and elegant touch.

BONJOUR - a bold and beautiful brush-lettered font. This is one of the BEST BUYS in this font list! The lovingly crafted Photoshop styles are available in watercolors, foils and inks to bring your typographic creations to life. I couldn't wait to buy this so I can start creating lovely things. Such yumminess!

VERYBERRY SCRIPT - a handwritten font with a unique character. I like the simple elegance of this script. There are more than 750 glyphs in the font including discretionary ligatures, initial and terminal forms for all letters and ligatures, stylistic alternates, ornaments, etc.

GREATESQUE - a beautiful script in flaws. Spontaneous, wild hand and imperfect flow give the natural look to your work. This is great for designing book covers, film covers, apparel, cards, logos, posters, etc. I love the unfinished finish of this font a lot.

ALEGANCE TYPEFACE - a beautiful handmade calligraphy typeface. This is so pretty and it makes me remember the time I tried calligraphy. I may just go back to learning it again because of this font.

PEINTURE TYPEFACE - a handwritten calligraphy font that looks understated but packs a punch. This font is great with greeting cards and other projects that requires natural and personal touch.

INK BLOSSOMS - a font that reminds me so much of my own handwriting - no kidding! I love how natural-looking this looks.

UMBRELLA - a brush script that is beautiful and unique. It is a modern calligraphy typeface in combination with a calligraphy brush writing style. The font set has contextual swashes and alternates, discretionary ligatures as well as stylistic alternates and sets.

GREATPARK TYPEFACE - a beautiful handmade brush script give this set its natural look. The swashes and ornaments give this some character.

Did you like any of the fonts I shared? Head on over to Creative Market and let me know your personal favorites. I would love to know...


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