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It has been a month since I gave birth to my daughter and my heart is still overflowing with joy and so much love to date. I've learned a thing or two (and maybe even more) and still am to this day feeling the fear of failing as a mom. I still dread the times that I need to bathe her but I could jump up and down with extreme euphoria because I have managed to give her baths that she enjoys - no more wailing and crying for the past week or so. I am also happy to report that we seem to be getting into a good routine lately and I can now almost perfectly decode her cries (mom-instinct has officially kicked in I guess).

The weeks are flying by so quick despite all the hurdles and I am bracing myself to even quicker days and longer nights as we enter her second month. It's so heartwarming and fulfilling to witness the unfolding of her personality. I find it cute when she smiles in her sleep and how she reacts when I shower her with kisses. I can't wait until she is capable of responding to everything I do to and for her.  I can't wait until she rewards me with genuine smiles and squeaks and all other silly things babies do.

She has grown a few centimetres and has gained a little bit of weight as well. Summer loves her tummy time a lot and her head control is improving. When she sleeps she makes strange sounds that startles me and even snores. Oh this little one! Sometimes I catch myself just staring at her while she sleeps and observing her breathing. Her chunky cheeks are just so loveable, it takes a whole lot of self-control not to pinch it or squeeze her ever so tightly. Her legs and arms are starting to get some muscle tone too. Her dad and I love it when she stretches like there's no tomorrow. She's growing fast I feel and she will for sure grow tall like her daddy without a doubt.

In a few days, Summer's grandma (my mom) will be visiting us and it will be the first time that they will see each other. I am looking forward to that. My mom has expressed her excitement to meet her second granddaughter so many times. My sister and her daughter will be flying in with my mom too. It's a great relief when my sister comes over as she takes charge of Summer's dirty clothes as well as helping me put her to bed.

Each day that I spend with Summer is a constant reminder how the Lord God Almighty has blessed me and how much I have to be grateful for being given the chance to be a mother. I hope I, with the help of my ever-loving husband and doting daddy, will be able to raise a healthy, well-rounded, smart and God-fearing child. That would be the absolute best reward for all the sleepless nights that mom and dad had and will go through with you.

Vi elsker dig lille smukke pige Viktoria Summer! 

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