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All my bags are packed and outfits meticulously planned, airplane and train tickets booked, itinerary  finalized, visa to the Netherlands secured and accommodation booked - I am ready for spring, ready for Keukenhof 2015. I can only wish as I write this!

I have been dreaming of this perfect moment since I was a little girl and I couldn't be any happier when my husband granted my request for us to include Lisse, Netherlands in our 2015 Europe tour (we also had Denmark, Sweden, and Germany in our list). I am beyond overjoyed and brimming in anticipation is arguably an understatement. As soon as I got his nod, I immediately listed down the main cities that we will be visiting as well as accommodation and mode of transportation (the OC in me was activated!).

I zeroed in on Keukenhof 2015 amongst the other places - I even started with the nitty gritty including checking out Airbnb listings in Lisse, Netherlands. Who would not be excited if you have these pictures teasing you?

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I chose a few #Airbnb (top and trusted choice for short term vacation rentals) listings and sent an email of inquiry to a charming property which was very near Lisse - yes, where Keukenhof will once again come to life. Call it overexcitement - I actually did this last year, April 2014.

Believe it or not, I still received a response from Mark...

I did not expect to receive a response anymore as I just relayed a bad news but the host was so gracious to do so and I appreciated that a lot. It only affirmed that I was not wrong when I chose this listing. The wonderful feedback that I have read about the owners and their house from their guests are real more so reliable.

Image Source: Airbnb listing

1. It is very close to Schiphol Airport. 
The house can be conveniently reached by bus or train. And of course, the owners are very much willing to arrange a FREE pick-up and drop-off at Schiphol or Amsterdam Central (if possible).

2. We can get more bang for our buck. 
The listing looked very nice, very clean and offered a lot of freebies plus it looked so homey and comfortable.

3. It is very (read: super) close to Keukenhof Park. 
The park is only 10 kilometres away. With the nice weather and picturesque surroundings, my husband and I can even hike or bike from the house to the park. We would be able to admire the beauty of Netherlands all the more. And then again, the owners can drive us to the entrance of the park in the morning and then pick us up late in the afternoon for guess what - NO CHARGE! Awesome!

4. You won't get disconnected with the outside world (and social media too). 
Cable TV and internet connection are included in the published rate. How awesome is that? When I travel I don't want to be fully detached from my family and friends so this is an absolute necessity for me.

5. And who would say no to FREE breakfast every morning? 
All part of the rate. Upon request, they can also provide evening meal for a small fee.

Those and more if the reviews would not be enough to convince you...

Read more about this listing by clicking this LINK

As you may have read, we are not pushing through with our Europe trip this spring in time for Keukenhof. I got pregnant a couple of months when I planned our itinerary and gave birth just last month. I am still healing from my surgery and so traveling and going out and about with a newborn in tow is certainly not a good idea.

The good news is that we are still going but after spring - only in summer! Yay! By that time, my baby and I will be cleared by our respective doctors for a long haul flight already. I couldn't be more excited. Our spring trip may not push through this year but for sure I will be in contact with Mark and Sarah when my dream of visiting Keukenhof will be a reality.

If you read my post and I've convinced you to stay at Mark and Sarah's home when you visit Keukenhof 2015, let me know and please do send me pictures of the home and of course the park(if it's not too much to ask).

Image Source: Airbnb listing
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