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Oh yes, hello there dear April. It's officially the second quarter of 2015! It's already summer here in the Philippines - and if we rely on weather predictions then it's going to be a very dry and warm summer. I am not exactly thrilled about this but I am going to claim that it is going to be a wonderful month.

March was a blur, it came and went too quickly. My husband left for a week to handle some work stuff in Denmark and I missed him quite a bit more this time. I am sure our little princess missed him too. Now he is back and we are planning for a trip to my province so we can attend my niece's first birthday celebration. We are also planning to have Summer baptized this month.

My main goal this month is to manage my time WISELY. I look forward to our trips this month and bringing baby for the first time to the beach. Ah Summer's first summer! Gotta make sure it is going to be something special more so that we are going to be spending it with family.

Here are a few of my other goals this month:

— Organize baking tools and equipment as well as ingredients.
— Buy white or seafoam green table cover.
— Clean the spare cabinet in the bedroom.
— Get rid of expired food items in the pantry.
— Purge closet and give away old clothes.
— Publish at least three blog posts each week.
— Drink a glass of water every hour.
— Say "I love you" to my baby daughter every day.
— Apply for baby's Denmark and Philippine passport.
— Organize paperwork for maternity benefit claims.

I usually just write my goals in my planner but this month and the next months to come I would endeavor to write a blog post entry preferably every first day of the month. What about you? Have you set goals for yourself this month as well? If you blog about your goals too, please send me the link, I would love to read your goals too - leave me a note in the comments box below. 


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