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Yay, it's week 2 of my Friday's Happy Things and I am so excited to share what I have in my "happy-ness box" today. Other than adjusting to the loneliness of being away from my husband again because of his work, everything is by far very bright and cheery at home.

Anyway, here are 10 happy things for me this week:

1.   Seeing fire trees in bloom around the metro.

2.   Booking our flight tickets to Copenhagen. It will be baby's first long haul flight and I am so excited for her. Although she would probably forget all about this when she's older.

3.   Nutella! And it's buy one, get one at S&R! Somersaults, backflips and high-fives to all Nutella lovers out there. Correction: It's not buy one, get one, I just checked my receipt. It's buy two and you can avail discounted price for both. 

4.   Hearing my Baby Summer laugh for the first time. Priceless!

5.   Having tea using my vintage bone china tea sets. It's so regal. Lakas makamayaman! 

6.   Clearing my office pedestal. I am finally free from the corporate world. I am now a full-time mommy and the feeling is indescribable.

7.   Thank God for Bio Oil and Vitamin E capsules! Love, Kessa's tiger stripes 

8.   Aircon! Ah, what would I do without aircon in this crazy summer heat?

9.   Army Navy Fearless Chicken. Go and order if you want to know why this fried goodness makes me happy. Haha!    

10.  Summer falling asleep in my arms. My heart melts for joy!

If you want to join us spread happy vibes all around, click the image below. Cheers to more happy things!

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