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Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around.

1.   Receiving almost one box every day filled with porcelain goodness. I am running out of counter space. I need a huge china cabinet soon.

2.   Receiving the high resolution files of Summer's latest photoshoot. I adore my little princess.

3.   Renewing my love for calligraphy. I just started practicing again. If you want to follow my calligraphy journey, look for me in Instagram. Be warned that I am not a pro yet so what you will see are works of a beginner. Yes, still a beginner because I never advanced before I stopped.

4.    Nutella. Yes, Nutella. Again...

5.   Flip or Flop on HGTV. The show revolves around a husband and wife tandem who scours the real estate market for houses that are on auction and then flipping the house for a profit. Encouraging! I watch even the reruns. It's addicting!

6.   Smelling D&G Anthology L'Imperatrice 3. I remember my wedding day every time I smell it.

7.   Washi tapes. Oh the myriad of creative things you can create using it.

8.   Discovering that roasted ordinary squash is delicious. I tried roasting it in the oven for the first time and I liked it. I thought only butternut squash would taste good - I was wrong!

9.   Finding cheap tickets to Iceland from Denmark. Reykjavik get ready! I hope this plan will really push through.

10.   St. Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion (Oatmeal and Shea Butter). It's one of my skin staples this summer. I love how it soothes my dry skin especially this summer.

What made you happy this week? I would love to know. Join the linkup!      

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