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Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around. 

1.   Hubby being home means a lot more free time for me to do other stuff for myself. I had my nails done at home (huge thanks to Celebrity Nails for always being available when I call). I was also able to cross out a lot of items in my to-do list before we fly out on Sunday. 

2.   More packages arrived this week. Thank you for the hankies and baby onesies and porcelains that were sent to me by thoughtful IG friends. It truly means a lot!  

3.  Winning the Instagram giveaway of Nicky Laatz. Nicky has awesome fonts for sale in Creative Market and DesignCuts and I was so stoked to win one of her new fonts - Amelia's Quill.  

4.   Learning how to install PSD styles in my MacBook. LOL! I know I know it's so shallow to be the reason for being happy but I am happy and that's why it's in here. Haha!  

5.   Summer is growing up to be really social and I love how she can flash anyone a smile. I feel that she will grow up to be a friendly little girl.  

6.   Finding Perla Blue in the grocery shelves again. Haha! I overheard merchandisers in the grocery a few weeks ago that Perla's factory have been sold already and that is the reason why stocks have been flying out the shelves. I don't know if there's any truth to this but the supermarket haven't had any stocks for a couple of weeks so I panicked. I use Perla to hand wash my little one's clothes because it's gentle enough for my skin and her skin.   

7.   Mom lent me her luggage so I need not buy a new one for our trip. Score!  

8.   The possibility of a week-long trip to Iceland. Please please travel Gods! Let this happen. But of course, rejection is God's protection so yeah whatever will be, will be. 

9.    Vitamin C.  Lifesaver! 

10.  My sister and her family arrived yesterday. It's a whole lot of family fun in our little abode again.  I love how our home is filled with laughter and baby shrieks once again. 

That sums up my happy list. Hope you enjoyed it!

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