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Hello! Hello!

It's now the first day of the 8th month of the year and I can't even begin to believe time just ticks by so fast. I can still remember how helpless I was around this time last year - waking up and puking bile, throwing up every time I eat just about anything and the comforts of my bed is just what I needed (did I mention I hated shower and make-up?). Yep, my pregnancy wasn't easy - I can say with conviction that I did not enjoy my pregnancy one bit. But the tables have turned and I am enjoying every bit being a mother. Believe it or not, I even enjoy nappy changes.

So here's a little update about our little one:

She thinks mommy's voice is funny especially when I say "meow". LOL! She gets tickled pink and giggles so much that my heart melts. I'd meow all day every day for you my dear Summer.

She likes to grab things now. She even dipped her hands straight to my ramen when we ate out. I still finished my ramen up to the last drop and no she didn't get burned. Two points! She also sometimes gawks at us while we eat our grown-up food with mouth wide open. I feel so bad that I can't feed her with what she could be thinking as wonder food. She'd attempted to grab my placemat when she sits on my lap while I ate. She needs a little more patience at this point as we plan to give her solids only when she's 6 months and that's about a little less than 2 weeks from now. I tried letting her lick grapes and she liked it but I stopped doing it after reading that grapes are a big choking hazard (unless cut in tiny pieces). She'll have her first taste of vegetables and fruits in Denmark and I am sure she will enjoy it. I have a feeling that it will not be hard to feed her because she's just a curious cat.

I think I died a little bit when I saw her suck her thumb for the first time! Oh no baby, just no! I don't want you to have teeth like your mommy. I sucked my thumb from birth (maybe even when I was still inside my mom's tummy) until now (occasionally) so you could just imagine what my monster thumb did to my teeth. So no Summer, you CAN'T suck your thumb. I will do everything I can in my willpower to distract you. I'll buy all the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy for you to chew on to spare your thumbs.

She discovered the awesomeness of tummy sleeping. She rolls over like a pro and just zones in to her comfort zone. She hates her crib with passion and she prefers sleeping beside mommy.

She has adorable chubby thighs!

She attempted to do some push-ups (of course not the full regulation push-ups). She can do it and I can't! Ugh! How can a 5-month old baby have so much upper body power? Can someone explain this to me?

Happy news! I received an offer from an online seller requesting if Summer can represent their brand. How could I say no? I think this is a blessing and I would be a hypocrite to say no. Thank you very much!

I have 8 more days to plan to the last detail on how we could efficiently survive our long haul flight with a baby and luggages in tow. This will be our first ever long haul flight with Summer and anything could happen really and so I better prepare and not forget to bring one less bib or one less pacifier. Because this is so true - the smaller the baby, the bigger the bag!

And the last item here would be an update about me - yes, about me! My husband asked if anyone has cancer in the house. I was dumbfounded! Well, he asked because he sees lots of hair on the floor especially when I comb my hair. Not a good joke but yeah I get scared to see clumps of hair. My hair fall is really bad and what makes it worse is that it is normal for someone who recently gave birth. To address this, I only wash my hair 3 or 4 times each week to minimize hair loss (because most of my hair fall in the shower).

So that's what is on the home front from me. I may have another update before we fly but depending on how good my internet connection will be, I will for sure share pictures from our vacation. Exciting!

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