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Have you seen a deer? How about a hundred deers? Wait, make that one thousand or more deers?

We did! Our little family did! And we are still so excited about it until now. In fact, we can't wait to go back and experience the moment again. I am still at a loss for words up to this very moment.

We started our Dyrehaven (Deer Park) experience in a parking lot near Strandvejen and Trepilevej. It was a free parking lot so if you are planning to visit the park as well this is a good option as you will spend several hours walking around the 11 square kilometer property. It is a huge forest park just north of Copenhagen. There are about 15 wooden gates around the park and we chose the one nearest the parking lot which was about 20 or so meters away. The red wooden gate marked our journey inside the park.

A few minutes after entering the red gate, we saw several deers running around just a few meters away from us. It was amazing to be so up close to the deers. There are more than two thousand deers inside the park, freely running and grazing around inside the fenced property.

I didn't know whether to run after them or just stand amazed and captured photos. It's so different than seeing the deers in a small area in a zoo.

After walking further inside the park, we saw a structure that's quite very imposing in the middle of all the animals and fields and forest trees. The building is called the Hermitage Palace or Eremitage Slot. Since the park was once a royal hunting ground, special lunches and other gatherings were held inside. 

As we walked towards the open grassland, a herd of possibly thousands of deers welcomed us. I wanted to go nearer but changed my mind knowing that it might not be safe. 

I wish Summer is older so she can remember her close encounter with deers. 


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