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I have not been active here in my blog for the past couple of months because of several reasons - adjusting to a new life being a mom, working on name wreaths (#NameWreathByKT in Instagram) for my followers and clients, and travelling among other things. I however have been active in Instagram because it is very easy to take a photo, share, and tell a story.

If you have been following me on Instagram (@ktnielsen24), I know that you have witnessed and shared in our first family travel in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden) and a bit of Germany (Flensburg). I have shared bits and pieces of our travel, Scandinavian home design, tourist spots, and of course pictures of my little daughter, Viktoria Summer.

I also noticed that ever since I started putting a little love in posting pictures, my followers have been steadily increasing and I can only be thankful. I have also tried to put more meaningful captions. I am still working on unifying the theme/color of the pictures and I have so much to learn. I shy away from using filters now but maybe one day I would be able to appreciate it too like most of the Instagram users I follow. I am also learning how to carefully craft photos so it would look "prettier" and worthy of attention. I have so much to learn and if you have tips please leave a comment and I would gladly try.

Let me share a few of my Instagram posts.

A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

Fredensborg Palace The Queen and Prince Consort live at the Fredensborg Palace for extended periods of time. And in 2004, the Crown Prince couple took permanent residence in the Chancellery House. However now they live at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The beautiful Baroque-style palace is often the setting for important events in the lives of the Royal Family, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, and the Queen also receives Heads of State from all over the world at Fredensborg. The Palace is open to the public in July/August, on guided tours. The Palace Gardens are among the largest historical gardens in the country. A typically French Baroque element are the long broad avenues of trees radiating in a star shape from the centre of the palace. The part of the garden nearest the palace, the Reserved Garden, is the Royal Family's private area. However, in July, the Reserved Garden, as well as the Palace itself, the Vegetable Garden, and the Orangery are open to the public. Free admission to the Palace Garden all year round. Services are frequently held in the Chapel on Sundays and holidays. #Fredensborg #FredensborgSlot #FredensborgCastle
A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

A photo posted by KT Peralta-Nielsen (@ktnielsen24) on

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