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"Everything has beauty but not everyone can see." -Confucius

Today, October 1st, I sit in my desk typing words in my computer just simply wishing to be at the very least make some sense and be somewhat coherent. I am still on our vacation high but a little sad that we're ending our family trip soon. There's only one museum left in our itinerary and we've practically crossed out all the items in our to-do list.

Yesterday, we were invited for afternoon coffee and tea and some pastry as well as cider and chips in a relative's home and I was asked the question "Are you excited to go back to the Philippines?'. I didn't bat an eyelash and I said "No!". I've fallen in-love with Denmark again much more than the last time we were here. Sure I miss my family and friends in the Philippines but I don't miss many other things but don't get me started on that (hello Manila traffic).

Our long walks made me appreciate how invigorating it is to live a stress-free life. I feel like our Scandinavian vacation has molded me into becoming a new person. I am more positive now, more energized to face the future and I feel content about my life, our lives.

That being said, I plan to make the most of what's left of our time here in Denmark. I will be updating  my blog as often as I can so I hope you come visit my blog again. Thank you for following our journey in Instagram. #TheNielsensInScandinavia


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