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I started writing my annual Christmas wish list for as long as I can remember. I love seeing my wishes written in ink (or lead when I still used a pencil) until it changed to being saved in a document in the abyss of my computer or to my smartphone as in this year.

I remember writing a whole list of material wishes when I was much younger - mostly toys and gadgets. Looking back, I wish I wished for a swimming lesson or a chance to be enrolled in an art class. When I became a teen, I started to wish for a bump in my allowance - so I can buy the most fragrant stationery in the bookstore or different colors of fountain pen. Looking back, I wish I wished for my parents to enrol me in a foreign language course. When I was in college, I wished for cosmetics, for books, for magazines, for CDs of my favorite bands/songs. Looking back, I wish I wished for my parents to send me to weekend culinary courses or how to play competitive tennis. Now that I am much older, married and a new mother, I know I have to wish for things that are practical and something that my household can use or something that can bring more laughter and joy inside our home.

Surprisingly this year, I have not penned my wish list yet. I haven't even written down my birthday wish list which was supposed to happen before the middle of the year. I guess my heart is so full of love for my darling daughter that I have forgotten myself - to reward myself that is. Reward for what? I guess giving birth to a human being is a feat that should be rewarded and all moms deserve to be granted a wish or two. Am I right?

But hey, aside from an 8-hour sleep or maybe not losing another strand of hair or a new wardrobe, I have items in my Christmas wish list. Let's get to the list, shall we?


My Christmas wish list this year is a combination of items that I can use (and my family too - because c'mon mom's ought to think of her family too especially her children the moment she is given the privilege to be a mother). I'm not going to wish for another vacation because we just got home from a two-month vacation. I'm not going to wish for a swimming lesson either - because I guess it's too late. The cooking classes - I can probably teach myself. For the art class - I can attend workshops in the metro anytime. So, here's my simple grown-up Christmas list:

01 | Lingerie from La Senza - I "need to feel" sexy again (SM Mall of Asia) 02 | Several shades of MAC Lipstick - just because painting your lips with a happy color can instantly transform your rather drab "mommy look" (SM Aura Premier) 03 | Le Creuset Dutch Oven - for cooking stews with love (Crate & Barrel SM Megamall) 04 | Scandinavian-inspired lamp - our home is crying out for a chic and functional addition (SM City North Edsa05 | Dansk Lesson - this is a necessity (maybe take a course online) 06 | H&M Call Me Sugar apron from H&M Home (SM Makati) 07 | Crate & Barrel Quilts - to combat the cold nights (SM Makati) 08 | Kitchen Aid Food Processor 09 | ConAir Hair Dryer 

What do you think of my list? Do we have anything in common? Would you wish for the items in my list too? Maybe you have any suggestions for me to add, let me know...

Now that I am done sharing to you my list, please indulge me further and allow me to share my Christmas gift ideas for my loved ones.


Choosing gifts for men is a real challenge for me. I remember I would always wish to pick out a girl's name every time I participate in exchange gifts because choosing gifts for men is rather a difficult task. The truth is - it is easier to look for gifts for men. Why? You can never go wrong if you choose something that they can use and reuse all over again. You don't need to buy a car or a yacht for them (although some would have that in their wish list for sure), you just need to buy them something practical, sleek, and and brag-worthy.

01 | Wrench Set from ACE Hardware - for the handyman in every man 02 | Oral B Vitality Toothbrush - for your big brother or little brother  03 | Tissot Wristwatch - for your daddy 04 | Levi's 501 Jeans - for your boyfriend 05 | Polo Sport Blue Perfume - for your cousin  06 | Red Grill - for your husband 07 |  Swiss Knife - for a man you love who loves to travel 08 | New pair of shoes - for the fashion conscious  09 | External hard drive - for your techie family member


As I have mentioned earlier, I would prefer preparing a wish list for women because it is way easier. I just think of the items that I might like and love and then think of the other person's personality as well. I have a very long list of gift ideas for the women I love but here's nine that I feel would be the most appreciated and treasured and of course used.

01 | Gucci Premiere - for the woman who loves to smell good all the time 02 | Kenneth Cole ladies timepiece - for the businesswoman 03 | Clinique Skin Care line - for your beautyholic daughter 04 | Powerbank - for the always on the go and online friend 05 | Nail Polish - for your sister who loves manicure and pedicure sessions 06 | Chic Laptop Bag - for the career woman in the family 07 | Scandinavian-inspired lamps - for the woman who loves interior design 08 | Red lipstick - for your sister 09 | Gym Bag - for every woman who loves to go to the gym and stay in shape


I love buying anything for my daughter or my nieces and nephews. I think I am a spoiler - both with material stuff and attention. You know what's nice with kids and the young ones? They would love you just as much and give you the same hugs and kisses whatever gift you give them. Here's my gift ideas for the little ones that I love - so full of cute things in all color possible and would surely score you some tight hugs and sweet kisses.

01 | Onesies and dresses from Carter's - for the little baby girls 02 | Educational toy - for the growing super-curious babies 03 | Christmas-inspired socks - for the teens  04 | Sunday's best dress with cardigan - for the chic little girl in the family   05 | Toddler bag - for the cute little boy 06 | Lego Classic blocks - for little kids and big kids and kids at heart alike 07 | Mini Melissa shoes - for the fashion-forward little girls  08 | Christmas tree socks - for every kid in the family 09 | Holiday Barbie - for the little girl who loves dolls and dress-up

So there's my Christmas gift ideas for my loved ones. How about you? Is your list ready as early as now? The best thing about all the gifts above is that you can buy them locally and you don't have to travel far too. Giving is a wonderful feeling but please don't ever forget that apart from the material things, our loved ones also deserve our love, our time, and our attention among other things - which leads me to the next part of this post - not everyone feels loved because they don't have families, not everyone receives gifts because their loved ones prefer to spend on food or worse don't have food or any money to spend at all.



This Christmas, as I have always done in the past Christmases, I plan to prepare a meal for the families who live near the bridge in our barangay and also prepare a little gift for the little boys and girls. I also plan to conduct a weekend reading and writing class in our garage for them since I have more time to devote now after quitting my corporate job. Any material thing can bring short-term happiness but the ability to write and read will help them as they face the challenges of the real world. Of course, being able to help others will ultimately put your heart in the right place and that is arguably one of the best things that you can give to your self.

I also plan to buy bears through the SM Christmas Bears of Joy program - for just Php200, I get to keep one bear (which I plan to include in the Christmas gifts in line with my first plan above), while the other bear will be given to children from various orphanages and charitable institutions through the SM Cares Program. That's hitting two birds in one stone - two happy kids for an amount that is less than the cost of a venti frappucino and a slice of cake.

It may not mean much but I know it would mean the world for these kids. I would be elated to see their sweet smiles and the  joy in their eyes. It doesn't happen often so it would be a welcome treat for everyone.

I hope I inspired you to come up with your Christmas list as early as now. Beat the holiday traffic and head over to the nearest SM super mall in your area. I'm sure there is one! Also, in the past years, SM offered free gift wrapping so I am almost sure that they would still offer the same service this year. And when you're at a stump, a good 'ole holiday gift basket (starts at Php350) isn't a bad choice either or better yet go ahead and shop at the nearest SM store in your area because I am sure you will not go home empty-handed - SM has got it all for you anyway.

Always remember that at the end of the day, it's still the thought that counts. Give love on Christmas day - make every day a Christmas day! Happy holidays!!!

Disclosure: This is my entry to the Nuffnang and SM Supermall's Merry SM Christmas Blogger Contest. As usual, all thoughts and opinions as well as suggestions mentioned in this post are entirely my own and were not influenced by any of the brands mentioned.  


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