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My life is peppered with #wonderful moments - moments that shape me, moments that make me or break me.

I have watched Love Actually again and again and I always feel inspired after the movie credits start rolling. Love is all that matters isn't it? I have fond memories of my wedding day as well - one of the happiest days of my life no doubt. However, the one thing that tops the list and the reason for making my life #wonderful to a whole new level is when I had my daughter, Viktoria Summer.

My pregnancy was the hardest but everything turned 180 degrees when I finally laid my eyes on my beautiful baby daughter, Viktoria Summer. She is my fulfillment - my ultimate reason for living. She has brought me so much joy, so much hope, so much promise of more #wonderful things to happen in the future. I can still remember when we prayed for her and I was overwhelmed with emotion when I held her for the first time. She was so innocent, so precious, so lovely.

I did not have an easy pregnancy but I know all along that all will be worth it. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness that is worse than the normal morning sickness). I had to be admitted to the hospital twice so that I can be properly hydrated and nourished and so that you will also be adequately hydrated and nourished. Apart from the hyperemesis gravidarum, I was also diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease and some form of thyroid disorder as well as gestational diabetes mellitus. I started to track my blood sugar by pricking my fingertips before each meal and inject insulin on my third trimester. I told my endocrinologist that I would rather prick my fingertips a thousand times more than the nurses pricking your heel for at least a week in the neonatal intensive care unit if you suffer from hypoglycaemia. -excerpt from A Letter To My Future Daughter

I know that this happiness that I feel can never be topped by any other life event that will ever happen in my life. My life is nothing but #wonderful since I first saw my little baby daughter. The feeling of raring my Viktoria Summer gives me a sense of fulfillment that nothing would ever top.
If you are curious to know what makes my world all sorts of #wonderful since I had my baby, here are my reasons why:

01 | Being a mommy is the most rewarding feeling in the world - I am sure all moms will vouch and agree with me regarding this. I feel the purest form of joy as a mother.

02 | I gave up my career to be able to take care of my little one but I have no ounce of regret in me and because I chose to be a full-time mom I was able to witness ALL my baby's milestones. The joy that I feel when she first said "mama" can never be matched with a price tag.

03 | I get to be an enabler as my daughter makes her own world of wonder. I love seeing her eyes light up with every discovery - be it holding and feeling the texture of a new cracker, touching a cold glass, playing with my hair, playing with her toys, figuring out where mommy is hiding when we play peek-a-boo, among other things. She is always in awe and I love being there for her in her moments of wonder.

04 | One smile from my baby and all my stress melts away. Playing with her is very therapeutic, very heartwarming.

05 | Being a mother altered my life - in a very positive way. I take calculated risks now. I feel empowered knowing that someone needs me. My baby gives my life purpose every day of my life. I feel like I am a better person now.

06 | I live to see another smile, another giggle, another hug. My life was great before I had my daughter but it reached a different level of #wonderful when I had her.

07 | I get a cookie every day. Part of Summer's snack time is a cookie or two and everything that she drops, I eat. How awesome is that?

08 | My life is so full of positivity - positive thoughts, positive outlook, positive dreams, positive goals.

09 | I have no memory of my first year as a baby so reliving each moment with my daughter brings me back to my past - milk, diaper changes, messy play area among others. It kind of going full circle.

10 | My life as a mother is #wonderful - because I know that I will have a friend forever - my daughter.

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Disclosure: This is my entry to the Nuffnang and Globe Telecom #Wonderful Blog and Instagram Competition (in partnership with Philippine Airlines and Agoda). All thoughts and opinions mentioned in this post are entirely my own and were not influenced by any of the brands mentioned.


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