8:04 AM

Good morning!

It's Sunday once again and I am back to let you inside my Sunday currently...

I am currently...

reading random LinkedIn profiles. I don't know if I should still keep my profile online or should I just put happily retired in my occupation.

writing topics to blog about this month. I bought another notebook where I can write  interesting things that come to mind. I can't deal with Notes or Evernote.

listening to Pretty Thoughts by Alina Baraz & Galimatias. It's been on repeat as well as When I Say I Love You by Shy Girls (Majestic Casual Chapter 2 Saux Remix). Since I couldn't sleep, I signed up for an Apple Music subscription. I got three months free trial for signing up and then I'll be charged $2.99/month on the 4th month and beyond.

You looked at me with certainty
I couldn't look away
Took your jacket off like
Like you were here to stay
Chasin’ your pretty thoughts
And your plastic love
There goes my mind
Let it go
You’re that lace trimmed danger
One day you’ll be the face of a stranger
thinking about just staying home today since I haven't slept a wink and it's now almost 8AM. We're supposed to go train for a volleyball game at half past 10. I don't think I can manage but let's see.

smelling my neighbor's breakfast. LOL!

wishing for some good news this coming week and for Creative Market to come out with their November bundle already.

hoping to get my hands on a a box of Osulloc tea again. Anyone from South Korea here?

wearing my pyjamas and a tank top, hair in a messy bun.

loving Apple Music so far. Yes, I easily fall in love and it doesn't take so much to impress me. Oh and yes I love how simple and clean my blog template looks now. I just need to tweak the sidebar when I have time so it would look more organized.

wanting to slap someone so hard after I discovered something. Good thing that person is more than 10,000 miles away from where I am typing this blog post now. Arrrgh! I don't have a violent streak but if anyone purposely try to make a fool out of me then that's another story.

needing to clean my room. It's a mess now. But first, I need to sleep.

feeling drowsy because of zero sleep. I blame the coffee ice cream I ate after dinner.

clicking through my browser reading list. I meant to edit videos from our Europe trip but I'm too drowsy and out of myself to do something creative and nice. Heck, I don't know if this post even makes sense.

So yeah, that's my Sunday, currently! How about yours? How's your day going? Any big plans for today? Take care y'all!

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