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Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday once again and I am back to let you inside my Sunday currently...

I am currently...

reading news about the Paris Attacks and all the other attacks all over the world. Shaking my head - unimaginable.

writing invoices to send for the orders placed over the weekend for my little online business.

listening to Summer's nursery rhymes.
thinking about what to feed Summer this coming week. I think I am going to let her try bitter gourd for the first time.

smelling the pork belly roasting in the oven right now. I am going to share the recipe in a blog post this week.

wishing for world peace but then again it might be too tall an order for now. Still...

hoping to take good pictures of the roasted pork belly so I can include in my blog post.

wearing shorts and a tank top and as always a messy bun.

loving playtime with my little girl.

wanting to sleep early tonight and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

needing to do some grocery shopping before the APEC 2015 wreaks havoc to Manila traffic. Our house is about 2 kilometres away from the APEC conference venue.

feeling nervous of the security situation in Metro Manila in light of the APEC 2015 gathering where 21 heads of states and their entourage will be here to discuss economic issues and other political concerns in the Asia Pacific region and the other stakeholders. I wish I can see the new Prime Minister of Canada and President Obama but I guess that's just next to impossible.

clicking through more recipes to try in the Epicurean app while writing this blog post.

So yeah, that's my Sunday, currently! It was amazing to meet my wonderful friend, Eddene, again after not seeing each for almost 4 years. We met her in a hotel before her flight and we had lunch.

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