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Happy Sunday! I hope everyone's safe and dry.

I'm sorry for not posting last Sunday. I was extremely lethargic and didn't have the drive to update my blog. I just slept whenever I wasn't busy with household chores. But I am back and here's my Sunday currently...

I am currently...

reading Summer's baby book as filled out by her pedia. I've created a Numbers worksheet that I maintain every time there's a new entry in her baby book. So far her growth is normal (height, weight, head circumference) but her skills are advanced - definitely music to mommy's ears.

writing this blog post and another one for my mommy blog.

listening to Christmas carols. I'm such in a festive mood!

thinking of updating my budget worksheet for 2016. I have been lazy in updating it this year but since I am a full-time mommy now, I aim to be more diligent in maintaining it next year. I guess this one's going to be part of my new year's resolution.

smelling Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. I love it!

wishing that Globe will announce the winners for the Blog/Instagram #Wonderful contest soon. They're 20 days delayed in announcing the winners already. I'm still hoping that I'm going to be one of the winners of roundtrip tickets to New Zealand. Crossing fingers!

hoping to buy a new point and shoot camera to use in recording some home videos (my old camera had a lens error and won't retract anymore). I am not sure if I would enter the world of vlogging at some point but it's something I am considering to do especially because I wanted to update our family in Denmark about the going's on of our lives here in the Philippines.

wearing my Sunday dress still. After I publish this post, I will run my bath and change to a more comfortable PJ's set.

loving the extra festive mood at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. If you have kids (maybe 2 years old and above), bring them to the atrium just outside Zara and have them leave their wishes for Santa. The mall might grant their wishes. Summer is not yet eligible because she can't articulate her wishes yet so I and her daddy will be her Santa this year.

wanting to organize my make-up. I've been buying lipsticks almost every week and I need to organize so I can properly note what I have now. I guess I need to self-impose a shopping ban.

needing to wrap products for delivery tomorrow.

feeling so excited. We're counting down the days until hubby comes home again.

clicking through my mailbox. I seriously need to read and respond as soon as possible.

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