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It's time for The Sunday Currently again and I couldn't be any happier to update my blog again. I have been too preoccupied with so many things that's why I kind of neglected my blog for a bit - a good three weeks to be exact. I have been too busy juggling my mommy duties as well as launching my new design shop. I have launched the shop in Instagram and Facebook as of this writing. I'll talk more about my little endeavor in a blog post one of these days.

I am currently...

reading a tutorial on how to efficiently work with watercolor styles in Photoshop. I know the basic application and I want to learn mixing colors with just a few button clicks.

writing nothing. I'm not into writing mood lately.

listening to Hi-5 while my daughter watches the show.

thinking of opening up an Etsy store as well for my design shop.

smelling the tamarind candy that I am snacking on.

wishing to finish everything in my to-do list next week.

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hoping to finish all the orders placed this week so I will have enough time to source all the decors that I need to bring to the province.

wearing a blue dress and my usual messy bun.

loving the extra time that I have now that hubby is home.

wanting to start planning our itinerary for our trip to Denmark this year. We purchased tickets last week and I couldn't wait to back to Europe again.

needing to finalize the guest list for Summer's first birthday.

feeling happy and excited for the launch of my new online shop.

clicking through the files I purchased from Creative Market.

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