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I have never been the best saver all my life. I would splurge and shop every chance I get. I would make wish lists and hunt each item down until I scratch everything in my list. I always console myself when I look into my bank account that I did all that shopping because I deserve a reward for working so hard, for working all-night, for working the graveyard shift, for meeting all my deliverables, for finishing all the performance reviews, for just about anything that I feel I worked hard for. Don't get me wrong, I still saved some (apart from my emergency fund) but not substantial enough to finance a year-long sabbatical. My shopaholic attitude may have afforded me all the material things I wanted but every time I open a shopping bag or box I feel like my life span had another extension. You may call it happy-go-lucky attitude but that's what made me happy at some point in time.

The entry and surge of popularity of online shopping websites just depleted my savings even more. I have high-speed internet at home as well which made online shopping much more convenient. It was so easy to browse and click and send everything I like to my cart and then eventually click the check-out button. All that careless and thoughtless shopping attitude changed when I became pregnant with my daughter, Viktoria Summer.

I began to carefully choose the items I plan to buy and I always check the "on sale" items first. I cautiously go through my online cart before paying for the items. I would search for discount codes, voucher codes, and tag all the codes that my bank send me so I can use them for my shopping trips and schedules. I would even check last minute hotel deals before booking for our regular family staycations. I became a big follower of the show "Extreme Couponing" and even wished I am living in the United States so I could do hardcore couponing. The deal is that I wanted to save every single peso I can save so I can help save up for the future of our family especially my daughter.

Saving money every single day has become quite a bit of an obsession at some point. I would open all my purses and collect all the coins stashed in every pocket. I would wait for store promotions before shopping and I would hoard when a regular household item is on sale. When my husband booked for our coming trip to Denmark, I encouraged him to save more with Agoda coupon. Saving is so much fun when you know that you get the bang for your buck.

So how does one save from using voucher codes? 

Voucher codes are essentially discount codes that a consumer use in order to get instant discount on the purchase price of a premium item sold by e-commerce websites such as but not limited to Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, Sephora and Ensogo among others. Instead of the usual newspaper clipping or product tab that you have to peel from packaging, voucher codes can be collected online from sites like

MyVoucherCodes.PH does not only offer voucher codes for fashion and electronics. The website also showcases a wide array of e-commerce merchant site codes which cover home furnishings, consumer durables, as well as tourism packages (hotel and airline reservations).

Using voucher codes is just one way to save for every purchase that you make. This is not an excuse for me to go back to my old shopping habits though. I'm now a wiser shopper and I plan to shop and save every chance I get.

Have you tried to use voucher codes? How was your experience? Let me know by leaving a comment. I am looking forward to hear back from you.

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